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For your convenience we offer a variety of instructional DVDs and informative texts to aide and encourage your martial arts training. Tutorial DVDs with Grandmaster Robert Bowles, covering standards of the Shuri-Ryu system from white belt to black belt; Okinawan Weapons: Bo, Tonfa, Eiku, Sai, Kama; complete White Crane forms; and Sen Te Exercises are available. To purchase uniforms and weapons, see your Instructor or call the Office at (260)456-7788.

You can also take advantage of Pre-Registration savings on upcoming events by Pre-Registering online with your Pay Pal account or major credit card. When Pre-registering online, please include name of participant (if different from card/account holder) in Comment Section of Ordering instructions.

Browse our Store... if you have any questions or can't find what you are looking for, please Contact Us at: intshuri@gmail.com.