KYU STANDARDS of SHURI-RYU Spiral bound text of novice - intermediate requirements of the Shuri-Ryu system. The Path of Shuri-ryu Karate-Do provides detailed information pertaining to rank requirements for white belt through brown belt. Text covers; General knowledge, terminology, history, ippons, taezus, kihons and all kyu kata forms with approximately 170 pages and over 650 pictures. $86.00

SHURI-RYU: A PATH to ENLIGHTENMENTHardback text covering advanced black belt standards of Okinawan Shuri-ryu Karate-Do. Step by step descriptions and photos of black belt rank requirements. Text includes: General knowledge, terminology, taezus, ippons, kihons, all black belt katas and many pictures. $139.00

EXTENSION OF THE EMPTY HAND WARRIORWeapons (Kobudo) 250 page hardback text covering history, techniques, theory and step by step description of traditional weapon forms. Okinawan weapons covered: Nunchakun, Tonfa, Bo, Eiku, Sai and Kama. $129.00

I.S.A. 25th ANNIVERSARY BOOKBy popular demand we are offering the I.S.A. 25th Anniversary Book online to all who were unable to attend. Or, as many have requested, for gifts. The I.S.A. Anniversary Book includes approx. 200 photos of memorable events and newsletters spanning twenty-five years in the I.S.A. from 1991 - 2016. Order your today... while they last! $25.00

White Crane book cover
White Crane...Nature's Hidden SwordGrand Master Bowles provides step by step pictorial instructions covering the Haku Tsuru Katas: Sho, Ni, San, Yon and Go. Hard cover text. $68.00