Grandmaster Robert Bowles, 10th Dan

Founder and Director

Hanshi Robert Bowles recently celebrated his 60th anniversary in the martial arts. He began his martial arts training 1962 in Phoenix, Arizona under Grandmaster Trias (Father of Karate in America). An exciting tournament career resulted in hundreds of titles including six time World Champion. As a martial arts ambassador, Hanshi Bowles has traveled around the world representing the United States in sixteen countries in Europe, South America and the Orient. Hanshi Bowles has long been recognized as one of the top Instructors in the country. He continues to operate his dojos and direct the I.S.A. from World Headquarters in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

​In loving memory and devoted purpose, after the death of his Sensei, Hanshi Bowles established the International Shuri-Ryu Association in 1991.